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Data Recta is a continuously evolving company in the domain of IT solutions, in favorite of its customers. We always take advantage of the new technological innovations while considering the Greek and International trends in the IT sector. We are trained continuously in the new technologies and we actively participate in the workgroups of our major partner, Microsoft, seeking to improve the quality of our products in relation with their price. We truly support the price reduction and product expansion in all business sizes, improving their enterprise functions by utilizing cheap, safe and modern IT solutions. We liberate your company’s internal knowledge, by providing all necessary tools that benefit the business decision and work against the market depression.

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Learn how the top CRM in the world can become your business growth lever, with low cost!

Reduce your IT expenses by adapting the new innovative solutions of Microsoft. Learn more about Office 365 and other Online Services now!

Convert your data into information and gain advantages over your competition!
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The Azure is an innovating subscription service, offered by Microsoft.  DataRecta is providing these Azure services (IaaS & SaaS) to the enterprises, that are seeking to benefit from the state-of-the-art  technologies. 

Data Recta specializes in provi-ding CMS (Content Management Systems), using leading technologies and according to your needs.

Ask us about our highly alluring packages and earn the respect and trust of your customers.

ClickDimensions offers a wide range of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, especially for the department of Marketing

These tools are designed for demanding customers, using cutting edge technology and cover all the factual needs of a modern company.

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